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International Standards Review of Dawn Grey the best!!
Jacke Sloan CMT
One of the Best! Review of Dawn Grey Being a massage therapist and instructor, I have experienced many massages. Santa Cruz is fortunate to have Dawn. Her whole being is attentive, calm, precise and nurturing. That combined with her skill level makes for a complete, healing and relaxing experience. One of the pros!
Lauren E.
Miriam Janove is one of the best massage therapists I've visited. While I lived in Santa Cruz, I saw her multiple times a year, and was never disappointed. She has strong, capable hands that respond well to the body's musculature. She is adept at finding particular points of tension and releasing them. I especially loved the results of the lymphatic drain massage and the deep tissue massages.

Miriam's office is pleasant and relaxing. She makes good choices of background music and other touches for general ambience. Her manner is professional, friendly, and intuitive. I wish I still lived in Santa Cruz!
Julie B.
I had a 90 minute superb massage by Miriam Jonove. I came to her with severe lower back spasms. She really loosened things up. Intuitively she knew where to work and focused on the areas for quite some time. We only spoke a few times, when she asked if the pressure was okay. I appreciated that, as I don't like a chatty therapist. She has very strong hands.   I've had a lot of massages, and she is really good and professional.

Julie Bettencourt
Meredith B.
The lymphatic massage I had last night from Miriam was the best bodywork I've ever had! Her light, rhythmic touch seemed to unscrew the tight knots along my spine. I melted deeper and deeper into the table.

I'm ambitious, (some would say driven) and I prize being helped to relax at this cellular level. I slid home and slept like a bunny!
Carolyn A.
What I love about Miriam's work is her ability to listen with her hands to the needs of your body.  She is attentive and aware of what you need and she'll do the work necessary to really help in a therapeutic way.  She makes a difference in a thoughtful and intuitive way.  You can feel how much she loves her work and how much she loves helping you feel better.  Thanks Miriam!!
Carolyn A.
Tracy L.
Mirium has superb technique, spot on intuition, and a pair of geniuses for thumbs. I highly recommend her for very deep massage for toughies like me, or gentle massage for those who require a lighter touch or women who are expecting a baby.

I wish I could go every week!
Jill M.
Miriam is a skilled and empathic massage practitioner. I've received a couple of massages from her and always leave the table feeling relaxed and centered. Her hands are super effective (she was trained on the east coast so it's fun to experience a new technique) and her communication is superb. You deserve a good massage and Miriam can deliver.
Ruth W.
Miriam Janove is amazing!  I have gotten 3 prenatal massages from her and they were all great.  She really listens and has such a calming personality.  Highly recommended!
Lynda C.
Miriam Janove, of Santa Cruz Bodywork, is a very skilled, sensitive and caring practitioner.  Her professionalism, and the quiet, clean, comfortable space she provides, allowed me to relax into my massage.  Her office is conveniently  located near downtown Santa Cruz and I found parking easily.     Lynda Chaikin, Merciful Heavens ThetaHealing
Heather H.
Miriam was amazing!!! I am 36 weeks pregnant and wanted a massage for my birthday. She has a bed that allows pregnant women to lay on their stomach (which is rare). I loved every minute of it!!
Linda K.
Mariam Janove is so incredibly knowledgeable about how the mechanics of the body works. Her lymphatic massage is gentle and effective. Her space is comfortable and calming. I highly recommend Mariam to anyone.
Debra C.
Miriam is a great masseuse,She listens to what you want and caters a massage to your specific needs ,she is great at lymphatic massage and has a very comfortable place for you to relax and enjoy the massage Debra Cady hair designer
Tracy T.
I was very pleased with the body work that I received from Miriam. She knows and listens to you in order to give just the right amount of pressure. Her treatment room will relax you as soon as you walk through the door. I highly recommend Her caring touch.
Susan M.
I received a wonderful Lymphatic Drainage massage from Miriam at Santa Cruz Bodywork. She knew exactly how to  energize my lymphatic system to help promote drainage and make me feel great.  She has the perfect touch and her warm cozy treatment room made the experience complete. I can't wait for my next massage.
lauren P.
Thank you Miriam for a relaxing and deep massage!  I have had a gambit of bodywork in my life and I'm very picky.  Miriam spent the right amount of time with the perfect pressure just where I needed it.  She released my upper back and neck!
Lauren J.
Miriam Janove is a tremendously intelligent intuitive healer. I had a massage for my birthday last year and she is stellar! Professional, kind, sensitive and knows how to create a safe healing environment. Give her the opportunity to work her magic on you!
Becky Kim
such healing! My massage from Miriam was solo healing and peaceful! She has healing hands that know exactly where to target pain and tension. Out of all the massage therapists I have seen, she is the best!!